Jetpack Spark Bundle - Zapata


Jetpack Spark Bundle - Zapata

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Jetpack by ZR® is a system allowing the user to fly in a seated position. It is less demanding on the riders balance and dexterity. The flyer’s center of gravity is now focused around the upper body torso.  As the Pro Series, it is light weight and utilizes the latest transparent hydraulic technologies and ultra-modern design. It is equipped with a 5 points racing harness manufactured by an FIA homologated company (International Automobile Federation) as well as a release clip triggered by finger pressure.  You are required to select an adapter kit in order to adapt the JetPack to your personal watercraft.

The Jetpack Spark by ZR® kit:

  • 1 Equipped Seat
  • 1 rotation system equipped with specific bearings
  • 1 Hose of your choosing
  • 1 Standard U-Pipe
  • 1 quick clip for an easy uncoupling between the Jetpack and the personal watercraft
Hose Option:
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