Dual Swivel PWC Connection Kit - Zapata


Dual Swivel PWC Connection Kit - Zapata

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Need a Connection Kit with no “board”? This PWC Connection Kit comes complete with all of the pieces that you need to connect your PWC to most hydro-board products.

Kit Includes:

  • FB03A01 (1)      Equipped Dual Swivel Elbow Pipe
  • FB03A03 (1)      Hose Swivel
  • FB03A08 (1)      Equipped Pump Interface
  • FB02002 (1)      110mm X 18 Meter Main Hose
  • FB02003 (4)      ø104-112mm Main Hose Clamp
  • FB02020 (1)      Hose Strap
  • FB02021 (1)       Carabineer Hook
  • FB02022 (1)      Fastening Strap

The unique Dual Swivel System by Zapata Racing enhances the hydro flight experience.  Their latest model u-pipe has a swivel at its end allowing the hose to rotate freely and avoid knots. This is particularly helpful during professional freestyle routines and for beginners who have just discovered this amazing sport.


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